Eleonor Gidlund 

kl 21 stilla stund i gårdskapellet

Den ljuvaste sensommardagen...
The most lovely day in the late summer... 

Den vackraste vinterdagen...
The most beautiful day in the wintertime...

 Bo på Ekologisk gård
"Säng & Frukost"



"Bed & Breakfast"


ekologiskt jordbruk 




Damaskweaver Eleonor Gidlund




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Eleonor Gidlund 

Born 1955 in Flärke, Gideå, Sweden




Parish visitor training course at Vårsta Diakonigård

Damask Weaving, course (40 weeks in length) at Gålsjö Bruk.

Woodwork, taught by Karl-Erik Gidlund, handicraft teacher, 1987-the present day

Water-colour and oil painting, taught by Turid Ausvik, art teacher,1999-2002.

Well-grounded in many traditional skills.

Self-taught in many fields, including study of Göthe’s chromatics.


“It is the journey itself which is worth all the effort.” Karin Boye





1990 and onwards     Church damask textiles at JonErsgården and its farm crypt.

1995         The National Synod of the Swedish Church, Luleå.

1998         “Himla Drömmar” (Heavenly Dreams), organised by KulturensVänner,Rådhuset Art Gallery, Örnsköldsvik.

Exhibitions in conjunction with Nolagjort Ekonomisk Förening, mostly in the north of Sweden.

2004        Musical and telling story performance about my and my friend Karins travel to the north of Australia, the festival meeting the living culture of the Indigenous Australians, the dream time, the music on the didjeridoo/yidakin        

2006        EN RESA I TIDEN  an exhibition in the attic at Jonersgården with weavings from my travelling searching for art for 10.000 years ago.

2007        HIMLA JORD   an exhibition in the attic at Jonersgården with weavings from the experience from my travel in the world

2008        N`SINNEL an exhibition in the attic at Jonersgården together with my father Karl-Erik and my mother Kerstin








Art Event with Myths, Dreams and Music in the Major Key.

“Skogsbruden” (The Forest Bride),

1998                                 Rådhuset Art Gallery

1999                                 Open-air theatre in the forest, Hattsjö

2000                                 On stage at Flärke village hall

2003                  Open-air theatre at Linatorpet, Trehörningsjö

2005                  Open-Air theathre, Village festival, Flärke 

2008                  Open-Air Wedding, Anna&Marcus          








Damask Works in Public Buildings 1989-2006

Installation in wood at Kerstins Udde, Trehörningsjö






Damask Works:


  Gideå Parish Hall

[Linen Tapestry(5420 byte)]

Graninge Church


  Rundvik Church



Björna Church


Hörnefors Parish



Nordmaling Parish


Trehörningsjö Church

and also a Pulpit fall to Chelsea, US in linen


Trehörningsjö Church


Gideå Church


  Arnäs Cemetery Chapell


 Köpmanholmens brukskyrka

Lay worker's damask stole

Köpmanholmens brukskyrka















Grant from The National Board of Agriculture to create a collection of ecclesiastical textile samples.

Grant from Johan Pettersson’s Memorial Fund “for her artistic damask tapestries which now decorate several churches and meeting-halls throughout our area.”


Grant to agri culturing women



Current Project  

Research since 1997 into origins

Study tours to France, North of Norway, USA, Sweden, Australia and Ireland.

Lay worker's damask stole

Exhibitions, JonErs garden, every year

Unice wedding dress in seide, coloured with mushrooms from the Swedish woodland and cravatt for de bridegroom.

Necklaces in damask

Wool from our sheep, coloured with mushrooms  

Reparation of the old house and making it back to the nineteenth-century

Needeld bounded wool, felted to different products ; blankets, pillows... the result in pattern of the many study tours.

Keyharpmusic and contemplation at 9 pm at saturdays in the summer in the little chapel at the farm.



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